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Services For The Blind At The UM Library

Krishnan, B. (1984) Services For The Blind At The UM Library. Kekal Abadi, 3 (1). pp. 13-15. ISSN 01272578

Full text not available from this repository.


University of Malaya Library


The University of Malaya included blind students in its intake for the first time in 1970. From then on, there has been an average of about 203 blind students at each annual intake. So far 21 have graduated and there are currently 9 students on campus, 3 of whom are pursuin Masters prorammes, 4 are doing degree in arts and 2 in law.The collection started with 21 titles in braille donated by the Royal National Institute for he Blind. These titles contained 66 bulky volumes. Subsequently gifts were received from RNIB which now total 934 volumes. Describes subsequent donations, equiomentsand facilities made available to the blind at the library.

Item Type:Journal
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Keywords:Special collection, Special services for the blind, Braille books
Subjects:Z Bibliography. Library Science. Information Science
ID Code:724

1. Khoo Siew Mun. A wider-base utilisation of university libraries: a case study of the Library, University of Malaya. Consal V, Kuala Lumpur, 1981.

2. The Kurzwell Report: Technoloy for the handicapped (no.3, Spring 1979) Cambridhe, Mas. : Kurzwell Computer Products, 1979.

3. Optacon: a reading system for the blind. Palo Alto, Calif.: Telesensory Systems, 1977.

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