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Globalisasi dan Cabaran Pendidikan di Malaysia [Globalization Educational Challenges in Malaysia]

Habib Mat Som, and Megat Ahmad Kamaluddin Megat Daud, (2008) Globalisasi dan Cabaran Pendidikan di Malaysia [Globalization Educational Challenges in Malaysia]. Masalah Pendidikan, 31 (1). pp. 91-101. ISSN 0126-5024

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University of Malaya. Faculty of Education
University of Malaya. Faculty of Education


This article discusses several issues related to the challenges facing education in Malaysia as a result of globalization. The issues discussed are related to: a) lifelong learning; b) curriculum innovation; c)
educational management; d) development of student resilience; and f) teacher professional development

Item Type:Journal
Keywords:Education, Malaysia, Globalisation
Subjects:L Education
ID Code:7436

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