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Perkembangan Kajian Hadis di Indonesia: Studi Tokoh dan Organisasi Masyarakat Islam

H. Ramli Abdul Wahid, (2006) Perkembangan Kajian Hadis di Indonesia: Studi Tokoh dan Organisasi Masyarakat Islam. Al-Bayan Journal of Al-Quran & al-Hadith, 4 . pp. 63-78. ISSN 1394-3723

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IAIN, Fakulti Usuluddin IMedan, Sumatera Utara


Research on hadith in Indonesia is claimed to be at the early stage of its development. It is proven by examining the existence of academic works, literature of hadith studies, number of academia and hadith scholars in Indonesia. The limited number of research on hadith is reflectes in term of methods and results in determining Islamic ruling i.e. fatwa. In order to elaborate these issues, the article discusses several related matters to hadith in Indonesia, such as research development of hadith, relevant book and articles on hadith, scholars and hadith experts, roles and contribution of those scholars to the development of hadith studies, roles of local organization and Islamic legal authority.

Item Type:Journal
Keywords:Hadith, Study and teaching, Indonesia, Pengajian Hadith Nusantara.
Subjects:B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion, Islam
ID Code:7602

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